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Rockdale County
High School

  • 1300 Pinelog Rd.
    Conyers, GA 30012

    P: 770.483.4410
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    Dr. Nadine Campbell


 Transdisciplinary Skills


Daily opportunities are provided at school for students to practice  these transdisciplinary skills that are valuable for learning inside and outside of the classroom. These skills are called “transdisciplinary” because they are like multipurpose tools that can be used by students across all subject areas to be successful learners.

From Kindergarten – 5th grade, teachers help students learn how to use the following skills.
• Thinking Skills
• Social Skills
• Communication Skills
• Self-Management Skills
• Research Skills

Parents can support student use of these skills outside of school by referring to them with their children at home and in the community. As with any tool, the more purposeful, guided opportunities we have to use it, the more skilled we become in its use!

Self-Management Skills: I am learning to: demonstrate gross and fine motor skills; display spatial awareness; be organized; manage my time; be safe; make healthy choices; make appropriate behavior choices; make informed decisions.

Social Skills: I am learning to: accept responsibility; respect others; cooperate; resolve conflicts; work in a group to make decisions; adopt a variety of roles in a group.

Communication Skills: I am learning to: listen to directions; listen to others; listen to information. I am learning to: speak to express knowledge, ideas and opinions; give oral reports. I am learning to: read for information and pleasure; comprehend what has been read; make inferences and draw conclusions. I am learning to: write to record information and observations; write reports; keep a journal or record. I am learning to: understand non-verbal communication.

Thinking Skills: I am learning to: gain knowledge; construct meaning and understanding; apply what I have learned; take ideas apart, see relationships, and find unique characteristics; make judgements and decisions; think about more than one point of view; think about my own thinking and learning.

Research Skills: I am learning to: ask questions; make observations; plan; collect, record, organize, and interpret data; present my findings.

Transdisciplinary Skills-IB