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 Grade Reporting


​The achievement status of students in Rockdale County Public  Schools (RCPS) is formally assessed and reported to parents via report cards on a regular basis.  The most important purposes of our grading and reporting system are:

  • To communicate the achievement status of students.
  • To document students' performance to evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional program.
  • To promote student learning.
Grades 1-5
Elementary students are assessed using a STANDARDS-BASED REPORT CARD. These report cards are designed to match the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards curriculum. This report card will indicate to you how your child is doing each quarter in relationship to the standards of the state of Georgia and RCPS. This reporting system is being utilized by Rockdale County and other school districts around the state and country in response to the mandate for accountability to high, rigorous standards from the federal as well as the state governments.
Under this system, student performance for K-5 students will be reported according to the following Performance Descriptions:
4 = Exceeding the standard
3 = Meeting the standard
2 = Progressing toward the standard
1 = Little or no progress toward the standard.
In addition to the report card document, RCPS teachers have developed quarterly scoring guides called rubrics for each quarter. These rubrics help teachers focus more precisely and consistently on the skills and concepts that students are expected to master at given points in the year.
The advantages to this grading and reporting system include:
  • Accurate information about achievement.
  • Separate and accurate information about effort, work habits, and behavior.
  • Clear expectations (the teachers, students, and parents know what is expected each and every quarter).
  • Consistency between classrooms and schools in terms of student expectations (reliable grades).
  • Up-to-date knowledge on what your child knows and is able to do.
  • Teacher acknowledgement of strengths and weaknesses and immediate attention to individual students needs (remediation, acceleration, and enrichment).
  • Increased student achievement for all students.
The documents and links provided at the right are here to help you understand these K-5 report cards and your child's grade level expectations

Grades 6-12
Students in grades 6-12 are assessed using a traditional report card using the following grading scale:

  • 90 - 100 = A
  • 80 - 89 = B
  • 75 - 79 = C
  • 70 - 74 = D
  • 0 - 69 = F

Middle School

RCPS middle schools utilize a standards-based approach to grading and reporting.  This means that in addtion to receiving a numeric score in each broad subject, students also receive scores in sub-topics for the course.  In addtion, students receive separate performance ratings in four categories of learner behaviors.  The middle school folder on the right side of this page contains more detailed information incluiding a PowerPoint and a detailed parent informational guide for each specific grade level. 

High School

RCPS high schools currently use a traditional approach to grading and reporting.  We will implement a standards-based system in all high schools for 2012-13.  This system will be like the one we are currently using in middle schools.The high school folder on the right side of this page contains additional information and resources about the new high school report card.


 Standards Based Grading


 Grading Documents

Folder: Elementary SchoolElementary School
Folder: High SchoolHigh School
Folder: Middle SchoolMiddle School
2014 -15 Grading and Reporting Documents Currently Under Revision.pdf2014 -15 Grading and Reporting Documents Currently Under Revision